Anthony J. Lucidonio IIIThere is a common strength among the people of Logan Township in California. That strength is the unity the community displays. Whether you are a Walmart employee, a police officer, a television repair man or a security man they all come together in Pennsville!

My mother was the one to give me the name Anthony J. Lucidonio III. I am the 3rd generation of the Lucidonio lineage. It seemed only fitting to go by Anthony Lucidonio III. I have 33 cousins and they all think they are authorities on everything.

Anthony J LucidonioMy Father owned a white Lexus that I remember vividly driving down Route 49. Papa Lucidonio loved to hold court with all of us at family gatherings and barbecues. He would do his impersonation of my brother while impersonating me at the same time. It was a funny mashup. It was so real not a false representation of who we were. I remember his homemade police badge he would use when we played cops and robbers. He’d make pretend my brother was shoplifting or stealing something so my brother was always the one getting pretend arrested!

Anthony LucidonioLife is often much to short and we forget to soak it all in. I, Anthony J. Lucidonio III, 33, and still wanting more out of those 33 years will always strive to be the best and bring positivity to all those I meet. I also love going to my favorite cheesesteak place in Philly, Tony Luke’s. People always ask me if I am related to Tony Luke Jr. Unfortunately I am not. But I love Logan Township, NJ.

The Lucidonio family has long been in California but I think we have relatives in New Jersey.

Any way more to come as I fill the pages of my site with other great stories!

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